Mission statement

A Christian missionary outreach program for the Cambridge and Salem School Districts to provide financial assistance to persons who are in need of health care they cannot afford.


Gloria Palmer had a desire, founded in her personal Christian faith, to help people obtain health care they cannot afford. Those who knew her say it was not unusual for her to provide funds when she knew of someone’s need. Before she died Gloria set up a trust that would carry on her mission of helping others. The trust is her legacy to the communities of Salem and Cambridge and the church she loved, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church Cambridge, New York.

This charitable trust is set up under the authority of the St. Luke’s Vestry. The committee has been appointed to screen and refer appropriate persons. Once eligibility has been established the request for assistance is presented to the vestry for consideration. Every effort is made to protect the confidentiality of the application.

Eligibility Requirements 

1.    Reside in Cambridge or Salem school districts

2.    Have a legitimate financial health care need

3.    Need cannot be covered by insurance

4.    Can provide appropriate documentation of the need.