St. Martha’s Guild consists of all the women at St. Luke’s Church for over 100 years.   The name St. Martha's derives from scripture, Luke 10:38-42, where Mary was able to sit at the feet of Jesus while Martha provided hospitality for the guests who were coming by preparing the home with decorating and food.  

The St. Martha's Guild of the past

Originally the 1870 St. Martha’s Guild (SMG) did just that, they felt responsible for the kitchen at the parish and any food events by cooking food or preparing for a parish reception during baptisms, Easter, Pentecost or any occasion the parish is coming together for fellowship and food. 

St Martha's Guild of today

St, Martha's members then and today also help host funeral receptions for grieving families during their loss by providing food and a space for family and friends to gather to share in the life of their loved one.  The latest generation (1980-present) of guild membershave added to the focus of raising funds to give to other missions, scholarships to Beaver Cross camp for children, purchase groceries items for the parish house needs, helping those in need in our own town, country and world.  And of course the famous St. Martha’s Christmas Bazaar held every November, which started at Malcolm and Essie Parrish’s (Graeme Parrish’s parent’s home) home in Cambridge.