...in a number of local outreach efforts, connecting with our community at places of significant need and importance.

Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry 

As a church congregation we collect non-perishable food items within our church. The food is blessed at the altar during a Sunday communion service, and then brought to the food pantry at its new location at 59 South Park street (State Route 22). http://www.cambridgeloavesandfishes.org/ 

Code Blue 

In 2014 the pantry director, the Rev. Jim Bartholomew, decided to use the Loaves and Fishes food pantry location in Cambridge to open a Code Blue shelter. The shelter provided a location for individuals and families who are suffering in the cold of winter to escape with a warm meal and some friendly faces.  The St Luke’s congregation participated in the scheme by helping to spread the word of the shelter and by providing volunteers to assist. 

St Luke’s Parish House

Our parish house is a space that is available to book at no cost and can be used for a variety of different events (donations welcome). Currently the local Youth for Christ and Girl Scout groups use the location as their meeting space in addition to the Women of Hope group. The building has been used in the past to host birthday parties, baptism and confirmation parties, and even wedding showers. Enquires about the space can be directed to the parish office: (518) 677 2632.

Parish Nurse

St Luke’s is also the base for the Faith Community Nurse Laurie Speanburg, (RN,FCN,CEN,CLC,S.A.N.E.) Her office hours are in Parish House 3 - 5 pm on Wednesdays and other times by appointment. Laurie offers a variety of services that include: Blood pressure screenings, health counseling, referrals, support and prayer. She can be contacted at 518-852-6930 

Meals for Senior Citizen Housing / Low Income Homes

Every month St. Luke’s provides meals for the senior housing and families of low income. We provide meals to residents of "Cambridge Woods", which includes the Senior Housing, and Low-Income Housing. Currently there are 25 residents in each building, so we serve 50 meals monthly. Various members of St. Luke's volunteer to both make the meals, and then deliver them. We prepare both hot and cold meals, and try to keep a variety of healthy choices which include dessert. We have also delivered meals to others who maybe in need at the time if we are made aware. We have served 600 meals/year, for 5 years. 

Cambridge Valley Chamber of Commerce member

St Luke’s church was the first church to be a part of the commerce. Being members, the congregation recently participated in the Washington County Sheriff Department’s fundraising project to raise money for an education program that they are creating. The program aims for the department to go into local schools to raise awareness for drug and violence prevention and the fundraising was to raise the money to provide materials. As a congregation we raised $80 by collecting loose change. 

Home Visits

St Luke’s offers home visits for either prayer, communion or those that wish to just talk with a friendly face.  If you are interested in home visits by either our pastor or a member of our prayer team please contact the parish office or Roberta Breese directly (7217). Visits can be arranged for any location and at anytime – day or night. Maybe you feel that you are in need of prayer to get yourself back on your feet or maybe you are waiting to go to the Lord. The home visit team are there to be with you.


Washington County Sheriff's Department Fundraiser

Youth for Christ